•  Safe Working Load: 500kg - 4000kg
  • Closed Height: 300mm - 654m
  • Standard Height of Lift: 3m
  • Corrosion Resistant Finish
  • Stainless Steel Hand Chain
  • Stainless Steel Load Chain

Safety under control: the Yalelift 360 for heavy industrial applications and will revolutionize every operation. By means of the 360 rotating hand chain guide, the user can operate the hoist from all directions and is no longer directly within the danger zone as before.

You Choose: The Yalelift 360 can be operated safely and efficiently from all positions, even from the side of the load. This means more safety and greater flexibility of the working position.

Work from above: The flex ability of the Yalelift 360 allows the operator to work from directly above the load. The advantage of this application is you can have a lying lift whilst using a relatively shorthand chain. The revolutionary chain guide ensures a precise and smooth chain operation at all times.

Capacity Falls of Load Chain Standard Lifting Height Closed Height Weight @ 3m HOL
500kg 1 3m 300mm 9kg
900kg 1 3m 335mm 13kg
1250kg 1 3m 395mm 20kg
2000kg 1 3m 520mm 29kg
4000kg 2 3m 654mm 38kg