Compact but robust is the Yale Mini Hydraulic Spreader Wedge offering a strong spreading force up to 16tonnes with a distance of 9.5-29.5mm. Ideal for separating, prying and commonly used by machine movers to make way for toe jacks.

Build the complete spreader wedge package with our hydraulic hoses, manifolds and pumps or see our full kit which includes it all for the ultimate solution.

Ideal Pump: Yale HPS 2/0.7A or Yale PYB-0.6 Cordless Battery Powered.

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Compact 'mini' design
  • Female coupling
  • Manipulating handle
Model Spreading Force Description Acceptance Dimension Spreading Distance Article Number
HK-16T Mini Kit 16tonnes Hydraulic wedge complete with stepped blocks, safety block and metal storage case 9.5mm 9.5-29.5mm N12700542