Reinforcing the high-quality brand, the Steerman EC engine crane features a durable welded construction benefiting from rugged reinforced tubular steel. The special hydraulic long rams are equipped with a patented built-in by-pass mechanism. The innovative design allows it to be quickly folded away for very easy transportation via built-in castors, while steering is made easy via the T-bar type handle found near the top of the unit. 

Ideal if you a looking for a great quality engine crane without paying through the roof, the Steerman EC Engine Crane provides a reasonable 1,000kg lifting capacity- big enough for most car engines as the average engine weighs around 200kg, leaving plenty room for more. (Do always be sure to check the actual engine weight, however). Not only perfect for lifting engines, but the EC hydraulic engine crane can be used for hundreds of general purpose lifting applications in workshops, garages, laboratories and many more.

Model Boom Position Capacity
Min. Hook Height mm Max. Hook Height mm Boom Length
CR-1000         1 1,000 517 1930 620 110.0kg
  2 900 420 1985 720  
  3 800 323 2035 820  
  4 700 230 2090 920  
  5 600 127 2145 1020  
  • V-shaped chassis base
  • Up to 1,000kg Capacity
  • Up to 1020mm Boom length
  • 5 lifting positions
  • Maximum hook height 2145mm (position 5)
  • Not to be confused with low cost alternatives