Wish to connect your harness to a lanyard? Fall arrest block to attachment point?

Without a safe connection between you and your equipment, there is a huge risk, that's why it is imperative that not only is a connection established but a connection using the very best option available. 


Using your karabiner couldn't be simpler...

With a screw gate opening, this item offers a simple yet secure functionality when opening and closing the gate. 

Simply screw the threaded gate down to expose the threaded section of the karabiner, this will allow you to press the karabiner open.

Fasten to your required product (for example Harness to Lanyard) when fastened, release the gate opening to close the karabiner.

Screw the threaded gate up covering the exposed threaded section of the karabiner until the gate is tight and secure. 

Karabiner now fitted and secured the user is safely tethered between the relevant products, offering a safe and reliable attachment. 


Can I use my karabiner as an anchorage point?

Yes, you can certainly use your karabiner as an anchorage point. With a breaking strength of 25kN, this attachment offers the user a small yet surprising limit to work within. 

(An example would be, using the Kratos confined space tripod there are two auxiliary eyebolts, anchorage to either one of these can be made by opening your karabiner through the eyebolt along with your fall arrest block and securing the screw gate shut. Offering anchorage to the tripod and creating a safe connection between fall arrest block and tripod also).


Will my karabiner be durable and hard-wearing? 

Yes, produced from a steel corrosion electroplating this product performs excellently in corrosive environments. 


Key products for use with karabiners...

Kratos two-point comfort safety harness

Kratos lightweight retractable webbing fall arrest block







Screw locking mechanism to ensure safe and secure locking once screwed shut, 

Manually operation only, reducing any potential risk of opening when working.

A karabiner should function and work along the major axis only in one direction at a time

Screw locking system shall be manipulated by the user from time to time but should always be locked and checked by a competent individual. 

Conforms to relevant standards EN362 Class B & M 


Connector Type:
Screw-Locking Karabiner
Gate Opening 18mm