Often used as tethering points port-side, harbour-side or aboard vessels, the welded round ring offers an internal size ranging from 20-100mm to best offer the required size to suit the needs of the user. This ring can be found in use with either stainless steel rope, natural morning rope or even stainless steel hooks such as our stainless steel carbine hook with screwgate for example. Simple attachment point this ring offers an effective solution to those tethering issues you may have in harsh outdoor conditions. 

Ideal tethering point


Corrosion & rust resistant

Hard-wearing & durable

d D M.B.L. (KN) Part Code
3mm 20mm 1.8 SSRRW0320
3mm 30mm 1.8 SSRRW0330
4mm 25mm 3.0 SSRRW0425
4mm 30mm 3.0 SSRRW0430
4mm 35mm 3.0 SSRRW0435
4mm 40mm 3.0 SSRRW0440
5mm 25mm 4.8 SSRRW0525
5mm 50mm 4.8 SSRRW0550
6mm 25mm 7.0 SSRRW0625
6mm 35mm 7.0 SSRRW0635
6mm 60mm 7.0 SSRRW0660
8mm 40mm 12.4 SSRRW0840
8mm 50mm 12.4 SSRRW0850
8mm 80mm 12.4 SSRRW0880
10mm 50mm 19.4 SSRRW1050
10mm 80mm 19.4 SSRRW1080
12mm 80mm 27.8 SSRRW1280
12mm 100mm 27.8 SSRRW12100