Stainless steel quick links offer the ideal connecting point, should that be two pieces of chain, chain to an eyebolt or perhaps two carbine hooks require a connection point. 

This quick link is just the product, with a smooth and easy to use screw gate opening it can be opened up and closed by the user once the connection is created. 

Making it a great item to use in such applications as access barriers for those environments such as harbours, ports or outdoor events. 

Screw gate opening

Manual application 

High-grade stainless steel 

Perfect connection point

D L W M.B.L. (KN) Part Code
3.5mm 29mm 10mm 3.8 SSQL03
4mm 32mm 12mm 5.0 SSQL04
5mm 39mm 13mm 7.9 SSQL05
6mm 45mm 14mm 11.3 SSQL06
8mm 58mm 17mm 20.1 SSQL08
10mm 72mm 21mm 31.4 SSQL10
12mm 81mm 24mm 45.2 SSQL12