The Pronal CLT Pneumatic Inflatable Jack otherwise known as an Air Lifting Bag is a very exciting product in the lifting industry, it can be used to lift anything up to 65 Tonnes! and that's just using one bag, these lifting bags can be stacked in pairs for a greater height of lift. The Lifting bags have interlocking surfaces that enable higher levels of grip, The Lifting bags by Pronal are used for lifting the heaviest loads that have a low profile  It is extremely light in weight and has up to 20% higher lift capacity as compared to conventional 8 Bar (116 PSI)  lifting bags.


Pronal rubber cushions are mainly used by emergency services, breakdown engineers or maintenance services. This kind of pneumatic jack can be used for the secure immobilisation of stone blocks, the release of trapped persons, the lifting of vehicles (trains, HGVs, caravans) or the adjustment of the height of a machine.


The lifting bags are available in a wide range of capacities, from 1 all the way up to 65 tonnes, with a lifting height ranging from 25 to 500 mm. These bags are compliant with standard NF EN 13731, which provides a guarantee of safety in operation.


The inflatable jacks offer numerous benefits:

Their non-slip finish ensures a good grip to the supporting surface and allows one bag to be stacked on top of another.

Positioning is assisted by a marking in the centre of the bag.

The inflation pressure of 8 Bar is identical, regardless of the lifting height. 


What Kit Do I Need?


If you're working with an 8bar compressor then you'll need the following kit to get started:


  • Pronal CLT High-Pressure Lifting Mats(s) (This product)
  • Pronal 5m or 10m Pneumatic Hoses (The number of these depends on the number of lifting mats you decide on- a minimum of two hoses are required)
  • Pronal Deadman Controller (Single, dual or multiple outlets depending on the number of bags)


If you're working in the field with a high-pressure cylinder or supply higher than 8bar you will require the addition of a pressure regulator.


*Working pressure of 8 Bar, Tested to 12 Bar with a bursting pressure of 32 Bar*

Our Pronal Lifting Bag lifting capacity changes in relation to the amount of air filled in to the bag, the higher the stroke, the lower the lifting capacity. For example our CLT65 (65tonne WLL) capacity decreases from 65tonnes to 45tonnes when the stroke is at 100mm. See below table for accurate capacity vs. stroke data.

Model Product Code Dimensions (mm) Thicknes (mm) Weight (kg) Max Lift Capacity (kg) Max Lifting Height (mm) Air Capacity (I)
CLT1 058156 150 x 150  25 0.60 1000 90 5
CLT3 058157 200 x 200 25 1.0 3000 115 12
CLT6 058159 300 x 300 25 3 6000 175 41
CLT10 058159 380 x 380 25 4.0 10,000 220 84
CLT14 058160 420 x 420 25 5.0 14,000 245 113
CLT24 058162 560 x 560  25 9.0 24,000 320 269
CLT24L 058163 1000 x 320 25 9.0 24,000 215 227
CLT43 058165 750 x 750 25 15 43,000 410 646
CLT65 058167 920 x 920 25 22 65,000 515 1190