Our LES steel and plastic drum tipping stacker truck offers a versatile and robust manual solution for lifting and tipping of both steel and plastic drums. This all-in-one unit enables controlled lifting and dispensing of 205litre drum contents safely at height. Lifting is achieved by using either the hand lift (similar to a pallet truck) or the foot pedal, whilst the rotation is also mechanically performed via a hand wheel via a 30:1 ratio gearbox. Drum rollback is prevented thanks to our innovative design.

This drum lifter is particularly well built, dual lifting chains ensure a secure even lift whilst reducing wear and tear, thus extending service life and reducing maintenance costs whilst additional safety is achieved through the top lip gripping device combined with the low 'ratchet type' securing band.

  • Single stage lifting ram
  • Dual lifting chains
  • Dual attachment via the top gripping device and lower securing ratchet band
  • 30:1 gearbox ratio (tilting function) enables quick and safe rotation and prevents drum rollback
  • Robust heavy duty steel construction
  • Suitable for steel, plastic and fibre drums
  • Available by special request with weighing scale function
Model LESDS45
Capacity 450kg
Max. Lifting Height 1500mm
Drum Types Steel, Plastic and Fibre
Wheel Size Ø150mm x 50mm
Distance Between Legs (Inside/Outside) 630mm / 810mm
Leg Length 770mm
Overall Size 1400x1000x2100
Weight 185kg