The Kratos Scaffolders Height Saftey Kit is a harness kit that has been designed for those who are working with and on scaffolding. 


What's in the Kit? 


  • 1 x Single point comfort harness (model FA10108000)
  • 1 x Shock absorbing webbing lanyard with scaffold clip (model FA3030418) 
  • 1 x Kitbag



The Single Point Full Body Harness has been ergonomically designed for everyday use, the harness features a rear 'dorsal' attachment point and the harness is fully adjustable, Available in a universal size (please check specification tab for sizing information) The harness had been designed to EN361:2002 Standards


The Shock absorbing webbing lanyard is 1.8 meters long and has 30mm wide webbing, The lanyard also features a 35mm webbing shock absorber, This takes all the strain away from the user if involved in a fall thus keeping the user safe. There is a snap hook on one end and a Scaffold hook on the other. The loops are protected by abrasion resistant tubular webbing.  


The Kitbag is a standard drawstring bag 



  • Conforms to EN 361:2002
  • Rear 'D' ring
  • Fully Adjustable

Fall Arrest Lanyard:

  • 35mm webbing energy absorber (shrink wrapped)
  • 30mm lanyard webbing width
  • Reduces fall impact to less than 6kN
  • Connection loops protection by abrasion resistant tubed webbing
Dimensions (cm) Universal Size
A - Thigh Size 55-90
B - Chest Size 98 -128
C - Waist Size 70-115
D - Stature 160-200