Do you have a requirement to winch materials or individuals into confined spaces? 

When working at height we know just how important it is to have the right equipment...

That's why we at LES only work with the very best, Kratos optimise safety within the sector and create ultimate peace of mind for the user in trusting their products. 

With the ability to work with both the Multisafeway Davit Arm or the Kratos tripod the Kratos 30m Rescue winch creates for the ideal system. 

Safe and secure, simple and efficient, this system has proven to be one you can trust. 



How do I attach my winch to my davit arm? 

Begin by removing the mounting bolts situated at the rear of the davit arm, this then allows you to mount your winch at the rear on the relevant backing plate. 

Once fitted to the backing plate you must secure this in place using the mounting bolts previously removed, now your winch is secured in place ensure bolts are tight. 

Now you can begin unwinding your winch, turning the handle anti-clockwise, extending the wire from the drum of the winch.

Allowing you to take the hook of the wire towards the head of the davit, once the head is reached you will lift the wire rope guide to allow you to pass the hook through the opening. 

Placing the wire rope in the pulley situated at the top of the davit arm, lower the guide and secure into place using the two locking pins. Winch setup completed you can now attach to your required harness or material. 



How do I attach my winch to my tripod?

Locate the base plate found on the leg of the tripod, place your winch onto said base plate and secure in place using the top pin supplied. 

Secure the winch to the base plate using the four screws supplied, keynote here is to secure the four bolts diagonally to ensure an even and level fixing 

(For example - top right-hand bolt fastened, now fasten the bottom left-hand bolt, top left bolt fastened, now fasten the bottom right-hand bolt) 

Once secured in place, begin unwinding the winch using the handle (turning anti-clockwise) this will begin to release the wire rope from the drum of the winch. 

Allowing you to take the hook of the wire rope to the head of the tripod, here you will find the double pulley system for the wire rope to be situated. 

Two pins are situated above the pulleys to prevent the hook to pass back through or the wire rope to become loose from the system. 

Winch setup now completed you are ready to attach to your harness or material. 


Conforming to the relevant standards - EN 1496 Class A, EN13157, +: Machinery Directive: 250Kg

Supplied with bolting fixture for robust fitting to either the kratos multisafeway or Kratos 7ft / 10ft tripod 

Offers the user the ability to raise and lower either personnel or material into confined spaces

Lightweight attachments make for easy fitting and transportation.


EN1496:2006 Class A, Machinery Directive 2006-42-CE, EN13157:2004


Alloy Steel

Size (Wire rope length)


Size (Wire rope diameter)



Kratos Tripod (7/10ft) & Multisafeway davit