Imer ET200 Scaffold Hoists are one of our most popular choices when it comes to scaffold hoists. As the middle of the Imer range, this hoist often provides everything essential to lift up to 200kg with a 30m cable length safely and professionally. Demanding just your standard on-site 110v single phase supply found on nearly every UK building site makes the ET200 Scaffold Hoist an ideal builders companion where heavy materials and equipment are to be transported one floor or more.

Included in the package it the hoist and scaffold attachment pole, this pole is designed by Imer to spread the weight of the load more equally along a standard scaffold tube.

Safety tip: Remember, if you're adding a bucket or other accessories consider the weight and ensure the accessory is rated as high as the hoist. The recommended bucket for this hoist is the 90-litre or 120-litre size.

Other recommended accessories include Brick Baskets, Bucket Carriers, Wheel Barrows and spare hand controls.

Comparing the Imer range:

Feature ES150 ET200 TR225
Capacity 150kg 200kg 200kg
Lifting Height 30m 30m 30m
Supply 110v 1ph 50hz 110v 1ph 50hz 110v 1ph 50hz
Lifting Speed 18.5m/min 19m/min 19m/min
Machine Weight 39kg 42kg + 17kg Pole 46kg + 17kg Pole
Scaffold Pole Attachment Included (and required) No Yes Yes
Extendable Hoist Bracket Arm No No Yes


  •  Carrying Capacity 200 KG
  • Lifting Speed 19 M/MIN
  • Working Height 30 M
  • Trolley Attachment Available - For Use With A Gantry
  • Top Limit Switch
  • Plug IP 67
  • Upper Limit Switch Lever
  • Pendant Control 3 Push Buttons - Complete With 1m IP 65 Electric Cable
  • Quiet Running LpA dB (A) < 75
  • Complete with scaffold pole attachment
  • Hoist Weight: 42kg

Bucket Information:

  • 45, 90 and 120litre buckets available (if using a 45-litre bucket, for health and safety reasons we strongly advise you down-rate the hoist to 150kg capacity as the
  • 45litre bucket has a Safe Working Load of only 150kg)
  • 90litre and 120litre buckets have a SWL of 200kg