LES Drum Moving Kit offers a simple and effective solution to lift steel drums using a Forklift Truck with a Lifting capacity up to 1000Kgs

Comprising of three elements all suited to the safe lifting and moving of metal drums.


  •  Forklift Fork Hook can transform any Forklift Truck into a Mobile Crane making it the perfect starting point for the Kit, with a capacity of 1000Kgs 
  • 2 Leg Drum Lifting Chainsling is a lightweight yet heavy-duty item: offering a capacity of 1000Kgs on 2 Legs making for a great item when lifting heavy drums. 
  • Drum Dollies create ease and smoothness to what can sometimes be an awkward item, our dollies are equipped with added reinforcement for greater strength.
  • Whether it be moving a drum or even storage this product allows effective movement across smooth surfaces. (Please Note - Drum Dolly capacity is 400Kgs) 


How to safely use the LES Drum Moving Kit: 


  • Ensure the forks of your Forklift are the correct distance apart to fit safely through the pockets of the forklift fork hook. 
  • Slide the forklift fork hook onto the forks approximately halfway and secure into place using the T Pins, ensuring these are tight and are engaged to the forks removing any danger of the hook coming off the forks! 
  • Now link the Swivel Hook through the safety pin dee shackle and thread the pin of the shackle through the opening of the forklift fork hook and secure into place using the provided nut and cotter pin of the shackle provided. 
  • This now means that the forklift hook is complete and secure both on the forks and at the hooking point of the assembly. 
  • Now, this is complete the 2 Leg Drum Sling Chain with Grabs can be clipped onto the hook by inserting the top link of the chain sling through the safety catch and ensuring the link sits correctly in the bowl of the hook. 
  • Please kindly check that the legs of the chain sling are straight and not twisted in any way, to ensure safe lifting!  The grabs found at the base of the chain sling should face inwards to offer the greatest gripping of the drum lip. 
  • Bring the grab hooks to the lip of the drum ensuring that they are equally spread around the circumference of the drum to complete a balanced and even lift.
  • (Please note this sling can be used on a single leg with a de-rated capacity of 500Kgs) 
  • Grab Hooks should clip over the lip of the drum and clasp tightly to ensure the drum is securely gripped before lifting! 
  • Once you are happy that everything is correct, the lift can occur raising the drum approximately 100-200mm from the ground to successfully insert the drum dolly underneath.
  • Line up the dolly with the base of the drum, it will become apparent and obvious that the drum fits very well inside the dolly so should be no issue with the process of the drum onto the dolly. 
  • Once happy that everything is in line slowly lower the drum onto the dolly whilst checking for a comfortable fit! 
  • Complete, the drum grabs can  be unclipped from the drum lip and you are ready to transport your drum using the dolly (Please note the dolly has a capacity of 400Kg) 


Should you require any technical data or assistance at all please contact our sales team and we will be happy to assist in any way. 



Component Capacities: 


Forklift Fork Hook 


Drum Sling Chains with Grabs 

2 Leg Capacity - 1000Kgs 

1 Leg Capacity - 500Kgs 

Heavy Duty Steel Drum Dolly 



Forklift Hook Specification:

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