Container roller set can be used for manoeuvring containers on the solid ground. The roller sets are fixed from underneath the ISO-corners, the side mounts of the ISO-corners remain free for other purposes.

Container roller set, up to 16 t. Universal rollers with locking brake and directional interlocking (adjustable as steerable or fixed roller), locking/mounted underneath the container, for paved/concrete/hard ground

  • A Container Roller Set is consisting of:
  • 4 individual container rollers
  • 1 unsteered drawbar
  • mounting aid


*Product Manuals available on request*

Model SKU Dynamic Load System / Roll (kN) Static Load System / Roll (kN) Overall Height (mm) Stroke Load Inclination (˚) Ground Slope (˚) Aditional Load Wind Load (km/h) Operating Temperature (˚C) Weight Per Set (kg)
Container Moving Sets 8T 231874 80/30 kN 80/30 kN 430mm N/A 10˚ 10˚ 120 km/h -33˚C Up to 50˚C 220kg
Container Moving Sets 16T 231720 160/60 kN 160/60 kN 460mm N/A 10˚ 10˚ 120 km/h -33˚C Up to 50˚C 430kg
Container Moving Sets 32T 232371 320/120 kN 320/120 kN 690mm N/A 120 km/h -33˚C Up to 50˚C 1075kg