Perfect for use with our range of container lifting equipment is our modular spreader beam designed for lifting 20ft Shipping Containers. Combine with Camlok CLB side container lifting lugs, Green Pin Bow Shackles with Safety Pin and Chain Slings to complete your container lifting assembly.

"How does the 'modular' system work?" The beams are split in to end pieces, link pieces and struts which when assembled are bolted together to form a perfectly safe and secure spreader beam. Simply disassemble again for easy storage and transportation.

Weight of Spreader Beam 93kg
WLL (Working Load Limit) 34Tonnes (32T Maximum Container Weight- this takes into account rigging and beam weights)
Britlift Beam Components 2 x T34 End Pieces 0.5m, 2 x T34 Link Pieces, 1 x T34 Strut 2m
Total Beam Length 3m
Total Package Option Includes Everything you need to safely lift a container: Top sling, Lifting Beam, Shackles, Bottom Slings and UK Made Camlok CLB Container Lifting Lugs.


Equipment Required to Lift a 20ft ISO Shipping Container (see customers also bought and above product options):

  • 1 x Grade 10 Chain Sling Two leg (this suspends the spreader beam from the crane hook) 37.5T WLL fitted with sling hooks and safety catches, 2.5m EWL, fitted with shorteners (minimum 1.9m EWL at 45 degrees- see downloads for full instructions and other angles) (may be shortened to 1.9m, slings supplied longer to allow for CoG adjustment)
  • 2 x Green Pin Safety Pin Bow Shackles 25T for the top sling
  • 1 x Britlift Modular Spreader Beam for 20ft ISO Shipping Container (this product)
  • 2 x Green Pin Safety Pin Bow Shackles 17T (To suspend the bottom 4off chain slings from the beam)
  • 4 x Single Leg Chain Slings c/w shortening hooks masterlink end to allow for CoG adjustment  (These suspend the Camloc CLB container lugs from each side of the spreader shackles) WLL 15T, Single Leg 22mm, 5.3m EWL (may be shortened to 4.6m, slings supplied longer to allow for CoG adjustment) 
  • 4 x Green Pin Safety Pin Bow Shackles 17T (To connect the chain slings to the container lifting lugs)
  • 1 x set of Camlok CLB side container lifting lugs (4pcs)

All of the above extras can be selected as 'optional extras' in the above drop-down menu of this product.

We want you to be sure you're getting a great product from us, that's why we've combined only the best accessories; our British Camlok CLB container lugs with our modular spreader beam, robust high-quality G10 and G8 chain slings and Dutch Green Pin shackles- some of the best in the game.

For Wire Rope Slings or fabric alternatives please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you with your requirements.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • UK designed and manufactured
  • Modular design- can be reconfigured to suit other applications
  • Perfect for a hire fleet
  • Can be specified with all rigging: slings, shackles and lugs
  • Length: 3m
  • Weight of beam (excludes rigging): 93kg
  • Delivery Time: Super Fast 2-3 days


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