Lifting Equipment Exports to the United Arab Emirates and Dubai

Lifting Equipment store export lifting gear across the world, and we specialise in delivery to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Areas in the Middle East have experienced increasing demand for lifting gear as industries expand, and we have specialist options to get products to their required destinations quickly and safely.

We work to make sure that we can offer all customers very competitive prices as well as high quality products and customer service.

We’ll even be prepared to price match so that you’re always assured of the lowest prices around. Whatever you product requirements might be, we can meet them, as we supply lifting, rigging and material handling equipment for projects of all sizes.

If you need any advice about the right tools for the job our knowledgeable and experienced sales team will be able to help. Just speak to us about what your project or business needs and we’ll be happy to arrange lifting equipment exports for you immediately.

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Competitively-Priced Exported Lifting Equipment

Our service is ideal for those who require their equipment immediately, but who don’t want to pay over the odds. All prices are kept as low as possible and each piece of lifting gear supplied by Lifting Equipment Store is excellent value for money. We are dedicated to providing all customers with exactly what they need for the most reasonable prices on the market.

Lifting Equipment Exports Service

Our lifting equipment exports service is growing in popularity and we have many satisfied customers across Dubai, the Middle East and the UAE as a whole. We’re able to keep growing – we’ve teamed up with a close supplier of ours who is trustworthy, reliable and guarantees quality. We can offer collection services directly from the manufacturer and competitive next-day delivery throughout the UAE.

By purchasing lifting equipment in the UK and taking delivery in the UAE, you can save yourself money on import/ export fees, customs and import duties. (Please note, sales and tax charges may still be applicable). We can offer advice on any concerns which you might have before buying and our sales team will be on hand to answer questions. We’re the sensible and safe choice for exporting lifting equipment.

Efficient and Fast – Lifting Equipment Exports for the Middle East

Lifting equipment is in demand across the world, so if you’re based in Dubai or the UAE, we have the facilities to provide you with the gear that you need. When buying remotely, you need to feel completely confident in the products and service that you’re receiving. We have a dedicated, knowledgeable team on hand to answer any of your questions and set your mind at rest.

A Leading Supplier of Lifting Equipment

Whether you need cranes, winches, height safety equipment or more specialist pieces of lifting and material handling equipment, we can provide it. Our customer base in the UAE is already substantial and we’re proud to have amongst it Dubai Aluminium and the Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Appliances Corporation. Lifting equipment exports for the UAE are a speciality of ours. The reputation we have with our customers is first-rate and we work to ensure customer satisfaction all round.

To find out more about exporting lifting and material handling equipment, call +44 1384567430 or fill in the contact form on our site.