Portable Mobile Gantries & Shearlegs

Commonly found on building sites and in maintenance applications where temporary overhead lifting is used to suspend lifting gear such as hoisting equipment, Portable Mobile Gantries and Shearlegs are the perfect alternative to traditional overhead cranes that are unable to utilise areas of limited space.

Fast and efficient installation makes our range of Lifting Gantries and Tripods a favourite throughout a wide range of industries, as they are an ultra-effective means of handling heavy materials in confined space scenarios and working at height situations.

Through the use of lightweight and robust materials, our Mobile Gantries push the boundaries of innovation, leading to pioneering technology that delivers results, SAFELY!

Why A Portable Gantry Crane?

Confined space working can often be a very risky situation, with serious injury, unfortunately, a common outcome due to lack of training and incorrect equipment usage. Mobile Gantry Cranes provide you with flexibility, industry-leading strength, and maximum efficiency, ensuring that optimal safety is achieved when putting yourself or your employees in these situations.


What Lifting Capacities Are Available?

Our range of Reid Portable Gantry Systems are available from 250kg up to 5 Tonnes Safe Working Load Limits


Are These Suitable For Personnel Lifting?

Yes, our range of Mobile Gantry Cranes are suitable for both load and personnel lifting (WLL product dependant. (Please see individual product listings for details)


Are These Items Customisable?

Yes. Many of our models are completely customisable to suit your exacting requirements. You can select from A-Frame size, trolley type, castors, and beam length. Select your options from the dropdown menu on your chosen capacity.


What Material Are They Made From?

As standard, our range of Gantries are manufactured from super-strength aluminium, but you can also request powder-coated mild steel and stainless steel options.


If you require any further information or wish to discuss your application with one of our Sales Team, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us your enquiry.