Duplex Webbing Slings

At Lifting Equipment store, we have been supplying Polyester Webbing Slings to the global lifting industry for many decades, and we can competently say that our experience in this field is second-to-none.

We are one of the largest online suppliers of Web Lifting Slings - from 1 Tonne up to 40 Tonnes - with all products manufactured to the highest quality, finished with an easily identifiable label stating Safe Working Load, Working Load Limits, Brand Details, and relevant Safety Standards. All Webbing Slings conform to BS EN 1492-1:2000 and have a 7:1 Safety Factor.

We have the capacity to re-web or re-work any basic sling to feature specific fittings, and we can create & manufacture custom designs to suit your individual requirements - with all over our Webbing Sling products conforming to current EN Standards, each coming complete with Certificates of Conformity.


Our capability to custom-make polyester webbed lifting slings with rapid turn-around is unrivaled.

Our standard slings are Duplex (Double Ply) for added safety, but we have the capacity to also manufacture Simplex (Single Ply) web slings to BS EN-1492:200, Flat Belt Slings, and Single-Use Disposable Cargo Webbing Slings to suit almost any application - the possibilities are endless.

Our Webbing Slings are utilised in an extensive range of industrial applications, that require the handling of heavy loads, such as Engineering, Offshore & Marine, Oil & gas, nuclear, Military, Maintenance, General Workshop, and much.

All of our bespoke Duplex sling can be specified to be co,plete with standard or Velcro wear sleeves for added protection against general wear and tear.

Alternatively, if you're struggling to find a quality cut-resistnat fibre sling, we're pleased to bring you our range of Dyneema Webbing Sling, manufactured from Ultra-High Molecular Polyethylene (UHMWPE), known as the world's strongest fibre - we guarantee that you won't find a stronger fabric on the market.

We are genuine suppliers of the following brands of web slings:

  • Yale
  • Spanset
  • Lifting Equipment Store
  • Liftking
  • Miller Weblift/Unitex

If you require any further information about any of our Polyester Webbing Slings range or are looking for advice on which product line better suits your requirements, our Sales Team are on hand to assist you.