Lifting Magnets

Here at Lifting Equipment Store, we supply a range of high-quality Lifting Magnets from the best brands in the world; Eclipse Magnetics, Yale, Tractel, and our own LES brand.

By choosing a magnetic lifter, you can eliminate the need for slings and shackles, and still lift loads of up to 3,000kg (3 Tonnes).

They’re easy to install and even easier to use – you simply hook and go, with no power required on standard units. In short, you can now lift both round and flat loads efficiently, with no running costs.

If you’re in the market for a top-draw lifting magnet, we have you covered. But if you’re unsure of which suits your individual requirements, then pick up the phone to one of our Sales Team who can assist you in making the right purchase.

What is a Lifting Magnet?

A Lifting Magnet is as the name suggests, a high-powered magnet that has been designed to lift a range of ferrous materials from small heaps of scrap to large heavy blocks. Lifting Magnets are portable allowing you to use them wherever required on your site.


How Do Magnetic Lifters Work?

Thanks to excellent weight-bearing capacities and sheer power, Magnet Lifters are operated via an on/off switch or lever. Surrounded by a rotor, the magnets produce a magnetic flux/current when they are orientated in the same direction. Note that for optimal lifting, the air between magnet and surface should be limited, if not eliminated. Once your lift has taken place, the rotor is turned off, releasing force and therefore load.


Do Magnet Lifters Have Advantages Over Chain?

Yes. Productivity can be increased by opting to use a Lifting Magnet over traditional Chain Slings, as only a single person is required to lift loads that commonly may need more than two people via a sling assembly.

In addition, they are portable machines, therefore can be used anywhere on site, as well as occupying very little real estate when putting away.