Lifting Clamps

LES can offer a versatile range of lifting clamps, plate clamps and sheet metal handling clamps to suit almost any application. We aim to provide our customers with an efficient, safe, effective solution at a smart price, with many of our products offered at a discounted price there is simply no need to shop around.

We supply lifting clamps to lift vertically, horizontally, with special properties such as non-marking, serrated jaws and many more. Our lifting clamps can lift capacities up to 60,000kg (or 60 tonnes)! Not only do we supply standard clamps but also round stock and block grabs, as well as magnetic lifters and coil grabs. 

Lifting Equipment Store are authorised distributors for the following lifting clamp brands:

  • Camlok (Strategic Distribution Partner)
  • George Taylor (GT)
  • Topal

With huge stocks of economy and UK made clamps from Camlok ready for immediate dispatch you are sure to be impressed with our ability to provide not only the best product and price but also a second to none service.

Camlok Lifting Clamps are the global best-in-class manufacturer of industrial and construction quality lifting grabs, clamps, lugs and many other lifting attachments that make up their versatile and extensive range. Full traceability and individual testing of every clamp ensures a truly proven product before being certified for use. Longevity is key and even the highest quality specially treated and coated jaws will wear, the great part about that- should you need to replace components, everything is proudly made here in the United Kingdom and all critical components are readily available. LES are proud to be the UK's Strategic Partner for Columbus McKinnon who are the manufacturers of the legendary Camlok clamp brand.

For more information, bulk discounted and more, please contact our friendly sales team who will be happy to assist with your enquiry.