Air (Pneumatic) Lifting Bags

Lifting Bags do exactly as they say… Lift! But in a slightly different way.

Pneumatic, or Air, Lifting Bags function with the assistance of air pressure that’s usually generated by a compressor, combined with other accessories such as valves and hoses, which when assembled correctly, raise/deflate the Lifting Bag to the specified pressure or height.

Hydraulic Lifting Bags, also known as Jacking Bags, allow for super-precise and small adjustments, highly suited to applications that require a high level of intricate precision.

Ideal for jacking applications out the in the field, where no power source is available, not only do our Air Lifting Bags provide ultimate convenience, but they’re exceptionally lightweight, easy to transport, and their compact design allows for easy stowage.

Why not take 5 minutes to check out our range of Inflatable Lifting Bags and accessories to see which best suits your application. If you’re unsure, then why not give our fully trained Sales Team a call or send us your enquiry via email.