Fall Arrest & Restraint Gear

Fall Arrest and Restraint Gear is intended to provide safety at height when combined with one of our harnesses, designed to be secured back to a safe anchor point to either prevent a fall or arrest a fall. The most commonly asked question: What's the difference between fall arrest and fall restraint15


Fall Restraint gear prevents the user from being in a position where they can experience a fall, a restraint lanyard is secured to a harness and then back to an anchor point, the purpose of the lanyard is to be prevent and there for the user should be secured to a point where the lanyard restricts the wearer from being able to gain access to risk, for example if secured to an anchor point on a roof with a 1.5m lanyard, the user should not be able to reach the edge of the roof in order to risk a fall, if the user needs to reach the edge then fall arrest equipment should be considered. It is unsafe to have a fall with a restraint lanyard as there is no shock absorption.

Fall Arrest blocks and lanyards are designed to arrest a fall once it has happened, when a fall arrest lanyard or block is secured to the user (and back to an anchor point) the user is still at risk from falling, however should a fall occur the arrestor will absorb the energy and slow descent safely and prevent potential fatal injury.