Container Moving Wheels & Jacks

Container Moving Wheels and Jacks provide manual moving solutions for moving and lifting 20ft and 40ft ISO shipping containers in applications where overhead cranes and electricity are no option. 

Container Moving Skates otherwise known as 'Container Wheels' offer a low-height four-wheeled transport system for containers over solid smooth surfaces, there is a range of different skates to suit almost every application from simple low-cost caterpillar load moving skates (ideally only used with very smooth steel floors), Container skates with integrated ISO shipping lugs (fitted with nylon wheels, ideally used on smooth floor for optimal performance, fitted with lockable lugs to secure each corner of the shipping container and avoid any accidental slippage which can be a huge benefit for those looking to move unequally loaded or 'dynamically loaded' containers.

Container Lifting Jacks provide an optimal manual solution for lifting and handling 20ft and 40ft ISO shipping containers in applications where power is undesirable, prohibited or simply non-existent. We offer solutions for basic levelling of unlevel containers to more complex kits for manually loading and unloading containers from flatbed lorries or trucks.

Whatever your requirements, we're here to help, feel free to contact a member of our friendly sales team who will be happy to assist you.