Chain Blocks

LES are proud approved suppliers of high-quality Chain Blocks. Our Hand Chain Hoists are second to none, featuring the latest technology to improve safety and efficiency. All of our Manual Hoists are manufactured in quality-controlled environments, with the superior range of offer boasting impressive capacities from 250kg up to 50,000kg, with an unlimited height of lift.

The Chain Block, commonly known as a Hand Chain Hoist or Block and Tackle, usually features top and bottom hooks; a static top hook to suspend the hoist from a beam clamp or trolley, and the bottom hook is the lad hook, raised and lowered by simply pulling down on the hand chain, turning the gears inside the hoisting unit to raise/lower the load. Both hooks feature safety catches to ensure that the load and hoist are secure once suspended and lifting.

Alternative Methods of Manual Chain Hoist Suspension:

Not only can your Chain Block be suspended from a static beam clamp, but it can also be suspended by a beam travelling trolley, allowing for the horizontal traverse of the hoist and load along a beam. Either manually or powered by electrics, a beam travel trolley can easily be fitted to a suitably-rated RSJ or I-beam. Push Travel Trolleys can be purchased separately, as well as electric travel trolleys, however, there are certain manufacturers that supply integrated push or geared travel trolleys that offer a lower headroom.

Geared Travel Trolleys are operated by pulling a hand chain that turns wheels on the trolley, moving the trolley along the beam. These are ideal for heavier loads. Nearly all of our Chain Blocks and Block and Tackle apparatus are built to order, and therefore, we have the ability to modify any standard set-up. For example, you may require a 10m height of lift, but only a 3m hand chain. our knowledgeable Sales Team can provide a solution to meet your exacting requirements. 

We are Approved Distributors for the following Chain Block brands:

♦ Yale (Strategic Distribution Partner) ♦ LES ♦ Kito ♦ George Taylor ♦ Tractel ♦ Tiger