The TCB chain blocks from Tiger range from 500kg – 30,000kg, but whatever version you decide on you’re guaranteed a lightweight, compact, rugged steel body construction that’s perfect for the off-shore industry.

This chain block is designed to provide long term use with less maintenance, while it exceeds all international safety standards. The twin pawl brake works instantly when the operation is stopped, so loads can be lowered comfortably, allowing for precise processes. The hand chain wheel cover and the ratchet brake cover are both designed to offer a good amount of protection to the brake chamber.

The load chains that come with our Tiger units are manufactured using high quality alloy, but stainless steel chains can be provided too. The alloy hooks are drop forged and dry heated, while the he swivel hooks are attached to the yoke using high grade nuts and bolts allowing for easy inspection. High performance premium quality grease ensures the chain block can perform within a temperature range of -40°C to +50°C, which easily exceeds current standards.

Lifting Equipment Store has supplied an extensive range of Tiger chain blocks and the TCB can be easily converted to include load limiters. This then means the top hook can be replaced by a competent individual, so the chain block can be directly fitted to the beam trolley range. Every unit we provide has undergone a full test program, and we also supply the Tiger SS12 Subsea chain block.

This compact and lightweight unit is fully corrosion protected, while it’s light and compact too, featuring a proven subsea brake system and four point manipulator connection points to meet marine requirements. The Hydraulic Hot Stab connection type A dual port is protected by a full 316 Stainless steel frame handle, while high quality, dual direction check valves prevent the loss of the hydraulic fluid (when the hot stab is removed).


Short headroom with both of these options enables simple installation in applications where every centimetre is important, while these models conform to all of the industry requirements within BS EN 13157:2004. You can learn more about our various Tiger chain blocks by contacting Lifting Equipment Store directly on 01384 567430. Alternatively, you get in touch with us via email, by sending your query to

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