The Yalelift ITP ATEX Integral Push Trolley Hoist Features the revolutionary 360° rotating hand chain guide which allows the operator to work from virtually any position, in confined spaces or above the load. The Yalelift can even be operated from the side of the load which also makes it possible to use the hoist for horizontal pulling or tensioning. Due to the additional flexibility, the operator is no longer forced to work in the danger zone near the load. The chain guide and gearbox are almost totally enclosed. Even under the toughest conditions the internal gearbox remains protected. 

Model Capacity (WLL) (kg) Atex Level Falls Of Load Chain Lifting Height (mtr) Beam Width Type A (mm) Weight Type A (kg) Beam Width Type B (mm) Weight Type B (kg) Closed Height
YLITP500ATEX 500 Medium 1 3 50-180 20 180-300 21 245
YLITP1000ATEX 1000 Medium 1 3 50-180 27 180-300 29 272
YLITP2000ATEX 2000 Medium 1 3 58-180 44 180-300 46 323