The Yalelift 360 Integral Geared Trolley Chain Hoist is the ultimate hoist for a low headroom application where a geared trolley is required. All units of this series up to a capacity of 3000kg have a single fall of chain and the minimum headroom has been further reduced this makes it ideal for use in load headroom areas. The proven and almost stepless adjustment system allows the trolley to be assembled very quickly. The hoist and trolley feature an anti-drop and anti-tilt devices as standard

Trolleys up to 5000kg capacity are offered in two different beam types, Type A is for beams that are up to 180mm wide this covers up to 80% of all requirements. then Type B is for beams that are from 180mm up to 310mm and this can be easily acomplised. 

The trolley wheels are designed for a maximum beam profile of up to 14% incline (DIN-1025-part1), Excellent rolling features are guaranteed by prelubricated, encapsulated ball bearings. 

The combination of the yalelift 360 and a low headroom integral geared trolley provides, even more, flexibility than ever before! 

Capacity Falls of Load Chain Lifting Height Beam Width Type A Beam Width Type B Closed Height mm Weight
500kg 1 3m 60-180mm 180-300mm 188mm 27kg 27kg
1000kg 1 3m 70-180mm 180-300mm 211mm 35kg 36kg
2000kg 1 3m 82-180mm 180-300mm 264mm 61kg 62kg
3000kg 1 3m 100-180mm 180-300mm 316mm 107kg 109kg
5000kg 2 3m 110-180 180-300mm 425mm 152kg 156kg
10000kg 3 3m 125-180mm 180-310mm 565mm - -