Yale Tigrip Crane Weigher TKR (0-12 Tonne)

The new generation of crane weighers designed and manufactured by industry experts, Yale. These are quality units perfectly engineered for the weighing of loads ranging from 0 to 12 Tonnes depending on the model chosen.

The 'TKR' unit is exactly the same as the TKL crane weighers, however they comes delivered with a remote control, This allows them to be operated by radio control. This series also makes life easier as the measured values can be easily transfered from the remote control onto the users PC, not only this but this models enables the user to combine the weigher with an 'easy to read' display. The TKR units also allow the user to measure and save several values at once.

The unit boasts an clear digital LCD display. It has the functions of 'tare' as well as the ability to show either the net or gross loads. Not only this but it has the added precaution of informing the user of an overload at 110% of the rated capacity and shows the remaining battery life. Everytime the crane scale is turned on it automatically sets to 'zero' making operation even easier.

There are SIX models in the Yale TKR series. The units each boasts the same features, the only differences are the weight and load capabilities of each. 

TKR has the same features as the TKL model plus:

  • Remote Control
  • Data exchange via the radio transmission
  • Accumulation memory
  • USB Interface

Key features and benefits of the TKR Crane Weigher: 

  • Simple to set up and use
  • Display is easy to read and comprehend
  • Light weight design
  • Very accurate
  • Can withstand heavy industrial use
  • The housing of the unit can handle rotation on 180 degrees
  • Has an auto setting of ZERO when the unit is switched on
  • Retains the peak value to memory
  • The battery boasts around 200 hours use before replacement is necessary!
  • It is possible to use rechargable batteries (external battery charger*)
  • Displays an 'overload warning' (crucial to safety!)
  • The unit gives a warning when the battery is low
  • Display of MAX weight (be it gross or net)
  • Capable of displaying a variety of measuring units (kg, tonnes, lbs and kN)
  • Auto standby (Significantly prolongs the battery life of the unit)
  • Display of measuring units at load indicator

Model TKR 1.0 TKR 2.0 TKR 3.2 TKR 5.0 TKR 8.0 TKR 12.0
A,mm 389 417 488 571 657 804
B,mm 356 379 441 514 588 709
C,mm 60 60 75 90 100 140
D,mm 110 110 125 160 180 260
E,mm 13 16 18 22 26 35
F,mm 20 25 32 40 49 45
G,mm 70 81 103 126 152 190
H,mm 128 136 140 148 158 176
J,mm 77.4 77.4 84.4 84.4 97.4 97.4