The Riggers Height Saftey Harness from Yale is designed to be used on major rigging applications, The Harness is superior quality and features FIVE points of connection, this ensures the user is safe whilst working at any height. The harness also conform to EN361, EN358, EN813, Adjustment is super easy in the shoulder and leg areas to provides an easy and quick fit to the size of the user. 


The Riggers harness has five connectors -

  • Rear 
  • Front (chest)
  • Front (Belt)
  • Left Side 
  • Right Side


The Riggers harness is ideal for use on Oil rigs, Wind turbines, and other super height applications. 


These harnesses come highly recommended from us here at LES for users working at height, A small investment to ensure a life. Yale's height safety equipment is the superior choice for quality and efficiency.