Yale Hydraulic Valves & Pressure Switches are designed to limit or allow pressure flow through the hydraulic lift system. 

VSM Saftey Check Valves - These safety check valves are used for those applications where pressure drops (eg. holding of a raised load) must be avoided.

Depending on the location in a hydraulic circuit, these valves can have different functions. The model VSM-11 can be directly screwed into the oil port of a hydraulic cylinder and works at this location as a 'hose break fuse'. 

The design of the VSM-21 is suitable for a combination with VHP directional valves. 
At this location, the VSM-21 ensures that the pressure is held precisely and that pressure drops caused by operating the directional valve are avoided. 


VHM Throttle / Shut Off Valves - These valves are used to shut-off hydraulic lines especially in the middle of the cylinder systems. The needle valve VHM-1 also allows you to throttle and oil flow especially within lifting applications.


VPR External Pressure Relief Valves- Pressure relief valves are used when the system pressure (force of the connected hydraulic cylinder) should not exceed a certain value.


VPS Pressure Switch- This Precision adjustable pressure switch can be set to any pressure value between 5 & 700 Bar by means of a screwed adjuster. When The Preset pressure value is reached, an electrical contact is activated. For use with electrically operating directional control valve.

VSM Safety Check Valves

VHM Throttle Shut Off Valves

Model Pressure Maximum (Bar) Design Type Oil Port Cylinder Side A Oil Port Pump Side B Width (mm) Dimensions Length (mm)

Dimensions Width (mm)

Dimensions Height (mm) Weight (kg)
VSM-11 700 Needle 3/8-18 NPT Outer 3/8-18 NPT Inner 6 75 25 100 0.9
VSM-21 700 Needle 3/8-18 NPT Inner 3/8-18 NPT Outer 6 75 25 100 1
VHM-1E 700  Needle 3/8-18 NPT Inner 3/8-18 NPT Inner 6 70 28 88 0.4
VHM-2 700 Ball 3/8-18 NPT Inner 3/8-18 NPT Inner 6 83 45 61 0.9

Pressure Relif Valve

Model Control Range (Bar) Oil Port P Oil Port T Maximum Oil Flow (l/min) Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
VPR-1 0-700 3/8 NPT 1/4 NPT 10 120 40 0.8

Pressure Switch

Model Pressure Range (bar) Electrical Data Oil Port Difference Of Switch Point (Bar) Repeat Acuracy (Bar) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
VPS-1 100-800 5A/250V 3/8NPT 25-70 10 130x85 0.5