The Extra large single point harness from Yale comes with a read 'D' attachment point as standard and the harness conforms to EN361


The CMHP10XL harness is a great tool for those who are a little bit on the larger side, the harness is suitable to accommodate chest sizes up to 55" 


The harness is identical to the standard yale single point harness features a rear 'D' ring for those who wish to attach a lanyard or fall arrest block to the rear.  


We at LES highly recommend this harness, A small investment to ensure a safe life. Yales's height safety equipment is the superior choice for quality and efficiency, All the Harnesses are supplied with relevant test certificates. If ordered before 2 pm this harness could be in your hands the very next day. 


If you are unsure of your requirements please give one of your sales team a call on 01384567430.