The one and only original PUL-LIFT
The enclosed Housing cover, handlever, and lover block are made from high tensile white malleable cast iron, providing overall rugged construction. The graphite cast iron load sheave for the link chain.

The Yale D85 Pul-Lift is the quality choice for the hire industry. It is designed for heavy duty work and is suitable for almost any application in maintenance, mining, construction, steel fabrication, shipbuilding, utility work, and especially the rail industry.

The D85 is ideal for spotting and securing heavy loads, simplifying the setting of pipes etc. in manholes and trenches. All models can be optionally equipped with an overload protection device in the form of a slipping clutch, which is factory pre-set. A free chaining device is also available as an optional extra.

This hoist is considered the 'Rolls Royce' of hoists offering over 50 years of design, trial and error, its been around for a long time! Customers are still purchasing spare parts for D85's they brought back in the 1960's!! If looked after correctly this really is a hoist built to last. To date Yale have built well over 1,000,000 units!

Falls of Load Chain: 1
Chain Dimensions: 6x18.5mm
Closed Height: 322mm
Weight at standard height of lift: 8.2kg

Please note:

  • Do NOT accept cheap imitations! The Yale D85 is the only original ratchet lever hoist that can be called a Pul-Lift.
  • Overload protection device is avaliable on the 750kg to 6000kg units.
Model Capacity (WLL) (kg) Falls Of Load Chain Chain Dimensions (mm) Lifting Height As STD. (mtr) Closed Height (mm) Weight @ Std HOL (kg)
D85-750 750 1 6 x 18.5 1.5 322 8.2
D85-1500 1500 1 9 x 27 1.5 389 16.3
D85-3000 3000 1 11 x 31 1.5 403 19.6


6000 2 11 x 31 1.5 532 32.9
D85-10000 10000 3 11 x 31 1.5 805 60