Yale Bottle Jacks provide a universal solution for a variety of applications. Jack up your car and change your tire, Jack up that sit down lawn mower and clean the blade, for all the applications that require a jack. This is the One. Can be used in vertical positions to lift, push and support loads up to 50,000kg (model dependent). Complete with handle.

Operation is easy thanks to the traditional bottle jack design. Ensuring the pressure relief valve is closed the jack can be raised by inserting the handle into the pump, raising and lowering the pump will increase pressure within the cylinder and extend the piston. To lower the jack simply remove the handle and use the end as the lowering key, there are two grooves at the end of the handle which fits on to the pressure relief valve. Turning the valve anti-clockwise slowly provides a controlled lowering of the piston. 

The innovative design of the Yale JH Universal Bottle Jack features a screw extension which provides an additional reach to remove the need to provide a taller base for the jack when attempting to reach objects that are further away. For example- lifting a high 4x4 might require you to place wooden blocks under a traditional bottle jack in order to reach the vehicles jacking point, the screw extension in the Yale JH model removes the need for this by providing up to an additional 80mm height (depending on the model- see specification table).

Model Capacity
Closed Height
Screw Extension
JH-2B 2,000 181 115 50 2.7
JH-4B 4,000 205 126 60 3.7
JH-6B 6,000 219 130 75 4.7
JH-8B 8,000 225 152 70 5.7
JH12B 12,000 240 153 80 8.0
JH20B 20,000 240 153 80 11.0
JH-30 30,000 280 180 - 22.0
JH50/2 50,000 305 178 - 53.0