The Ultralift TP Thin Plate Lifting Magnet is perfectly designed to lift thin plate and can lift individual thin sheets from a stack. 
Switching while under load is prevented by the use of the operating handle, a button on the end enables it to operate like a car handbrake.
The magnets are manually operated and specifically designed for lifting thin plate and removing single sheets from a stack. Ultralift can lift steel sheets with thicknesses as low as 5mm.  A job that takes two men with hooks, chains or slings can be done with one hand using the Ultralift TP. No more struggles to attach heavy or awkward loads. No more worries about the stability of the load once it's lifted.


Model Material Thickness 10mm Max Length Max (mm) Material Thickness 10mm SWL (kg) Material Thickness 5mm Max Length Max (mm) Material Thickness 5mm SWL (kg) Material Thickness 6mm Max Length Max (mm) Material Thickness 6mm SWL (kg) Material Thickness 8mm Max Length Max (mm) Material Thickness 8mm SWL (kg) Unit Weight (kg) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm)
tp150 1500 200 1500 75 1500 100 1500 150 8 181 52 74 74 150 202
tp300 2000 400 2000 150 2000 200 2000 300 15 181 52 74 74 300 352