The TTG 'Horizontal Flange' Girder stacking clamps are engineered for transporting girders (RSJ) in the 'i' position. These are perfect for use in steel stock holders. Once connected to the flange of the girder the clamp is locked into place by the jaw locking lever. The TTG is designed so that you can lift with just one clamp, for longer girders its recomended that you use two clamps paired with a spreader beam. 

Model WLL (kg) Jaw Capacity Weight (kg)
TTG500 25-500 0-20 3
TTG1500 75-1500 0-30 5.5
TTG3000 150-3000 0-35 11
TTG4500 450-4500 0-40 14.5
TTG7500 750-7500 0-45 28