Are you seeking a karabiner with safety and security in mind...

All karabiners offer safety when working at height, however if you are looking for one with an added safety feature then the Kratos triple-action locking karabiner is the perfect solution. 


Is it easy to use? 

With triple locking features, this karabiner may sound complex and confusing. However, it couldn't be simpler to use. 

With a twist method to engage this mechanism and a simple push motion to open the gate of the karabiner means this accessory can be fitted and removed with ease.

Three features make up the gate and its opening function, the first locking feature is the secure pin situated at the base of the lock, unless manual engaged it will remain fixed.

Secondly, is the twist mechanism, by turning the lock you automatically release the locking pin allowing the user to turn the lock to reveal the body of the karabiner. 

Finally, press the lock into the gate opening allowing you to easily fasten to your required destination (i.e lanyard, fall arrest block)


Is it hard-wearing and long-lasting? 

Kratos karabiners are supplied with an anti-corrosion steel zinc electroplating to provide them with superb resistance to corrosion.

With its triple action locking mechanism, the Kratos triple-action locking karabiner makes for the perfect karabiner for those seeking further security and reassurance when working at height.

With great benefits such as a breaking strength of 40kN 

A gate opening of 21mm,

It's a robust and very easy to attach accessory for both harnesses and lanyards. 

Conforming to all relevant standards - EN362 Class B and supplied with relevant documentation and certification,

Connector Type

Triple action locking karabiner






Gate opening – 21mm