This is a fall arrest similar to the Tractel StopforTM K but with the added feature of an anti-reversibility system

The Stopfor KS, which is the Stopfor K version ensuring correct mounting of the device on the rope, in the proper direction, by its upside-down mounting prevention system integrated into the device. The Stopfor K product line (K – KS – KM – KSM) is made of aluminum. They are light weight, robust, ergonomic and compact.The Stopfor devices connect to all the harness fall arrest anchor points, either by a type M10 connector or by a short 30 cm lanyard. Installation of the rope is fast and easy : after removing the connector, the two side plates are pivoted to open and the rope is placed in position. To close the Stopfor, the two side plates are pivoted in the closing direction and the connector is installed and serves as safety lock.

The Stopfor K product line is an innovative concept in fall arresters sliding on rope forming a lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use system. The Stopfor devices will be replacing the traditional jaw type fall arresters which are heavy and which can easily block on descent. The Stopfor K fall arresters provide the user with a new, enhanced level of comfort when circulating on the rope. The Stopfor KS with its upside-down mounting prevention system provide enhanced utilization safety, preventing the user from installing the device upside down on the rope.  All the Stopfor devices of the Stopfor K product line can be used as fall arresters on the Tractel 11 mm or 12.5 mm diameter ropes, in compliance with standard EN 353.2., terrace utilization option. All the Stopfor devices of the Stopfor K product line can be used as lanyard tensioner-reducer on the Tractel 12.5 mm diameter ropes only, in compliance with standard EN 358. 


- StopforTM KS with M10 18mm Opening Two Tone Steel Manual Screw Lock Karabiner
- StopforTM KS with M41 & Strap 21mm Opening Two Tone Steel Double Trigger Auto Snap Hook
- StopforTM KS with M42 & Strap 18mm Opening Aluminium Double Trigger Auto Snap Hook