The Tractel StopforTM AP is a designed and patented product from Tractel and is an advanced version of an automatic fall prevention device, for a vertical line.

The Stopfor A is a component in a fall arrest system. It consists of a stranded rope, the sliding rope grab with automatic locking attached to the rope and a lanyard connecting the rope grab to the harness.
The Stopfor A has two tripping systems: the conventional system which operates by the swivelling of the operating lever, and the new “anti-panic” system.
The Stopfor AP version has an additional locking function.

Description and Operating Principle
The Stopfor A allows the user maximum mobility while providing total safety for work on a vertical plane. In the event of a fall, two separate tripping systems engage the jaw on the rope and stop the fall smoothly. With the conventional tripping system, the operating lever is free and swivels by the action of the force applied by the user via the lanyard. With the new “anti-panic” system, if the lever is held open by the user when he falls, the roller detects the increase in speed and causes the jaw to close. The Stopfor AP has a function which locks the grab on the rope. This allows the user to create an anchor point on the rope and work held by the rope. The Stopfor A has a hinge for inserting the rope in the device, which is held closed by a captive screw and locknut. A safety device prevents the unit from closing if the Stopfor A is installed upside down on the rope, with the directional arrow pointing downwards.

- Double safety system for opening and closing 
- Anti-panic device.
- Upside down mounting prevention system
- Locking function for working held by a rope.
- Directional arrow.
- Cannot be dismantled
- Maintenance Free -  Operating inspection prior to each use is adequate.
- Finish: bright stainless steel.
- Attachment of the rope grabs to the D-ring on the back of the harness via a built-in connector.
- Attachment of the rope to a strong anchor point 
(10kN), via an appropriate connector.

StopforTM AP with Built-in connector: M10 18mm Opening two tone steel manual screw, Snap hook
StopforTM AP with Built-in connector: M11 17mm opening two tone steel semi auto, Snap hook
StopforTm AP with Built-in connector: M41 21mm opening two tone steel double trigger auto