Designed and manufactured by industry experts Tractel and delivered to you with a Best Price Guarantee by Lifting Equipment Store.

The Tractel Roof Truss anchor is an anchor point designed and manufactured for instalation on wooden beams. The anchor is secured in place with 32 splined nails (code 67168). Not only is the system easy and fast to set up, but no special tools are required either for installation unlike some of its rivals. The anchor plate is simply placed flat on a wood beam or folded over two beams at he roof ridge. Once in position, the anchor plate is simply secured 
with the splined nails using a hammer.


The Roof Truss anchor is formed by two perforated steel plates hinged together by an anchor ring. The anchor plates are supplied with 32 splined nails by which the anchor is secured to the wood support (minimum cross-section of 80x80). Those who use this device can do so with peace of mind knowing that it conforms to safety standard CE 795 A.


• Dimensions of 1 steel anchor plate : 77x285x3.
• Overall dimensions with anchor plate unfolded : 77 x 570 x3. • Breaking strength > 2.2t
• 32 splined zingued stell.