Anchorage points with fall indicator are designed and manufactured for use as a personal fall protection system. An example of such a setup: A rope with a Stopfor type sliding textile rope grab.

This product satisfys the requirements of standard EN795-A1 for fixed anchorage devices for a single user.


- Suitable for indoor or outdoor use on a vertical, sloping or horizontal plane
- Can be used on virtually all supports - concrete, metal structures, etc
- Easy connection (connector at end of rod, etc)

- The Tractel ringsafe is ideal for environments which are difficult to access (facade, window recess, top of ladder, roof apex, service trunking, civil engineering structures, radio relays, top of dome, etc)


- 316L stainless steel
- Resistance > 10kN.
- Fall indicator: uncoupling of ring A by breaking of section S. Force > 250 daN.


- Minimum resistance of the support structure: 10kN. - Chemical, resin or mechanical plug, or fasteners for metal structures (IPN...)

Permissible attachments

- An anchorage device (EN 795) - A connector (EN 362)
- A fall arrest system (EN 3xx)
- A connector (EN 362)

- A fall arrest harness (EN 361) (back or chest anchorage point)