The Dynafor LLXH is a high capacity load cell from Tractel with optional wireless display. The radio connection (2.4 G. Hertz) with 80m working range is permanent between the LLXH sensor and the display unit. The shape of the units enable the use of standard shackles on both ends (see related products and data sheet for sizing compatability.The load cells of this range function in all positions for the measurement of force and suspended for weighing purposes.

Capacities Available: 15, 25, 50, 100 and 250 tonnes.

Operating Principle

Strain gauge measurement of the extension, within its limits of elasticity, of a metal body subjected to traction stress. The sensor generates an electrical signal that is proportional to the load. This signal is processed by a microprocessor analyser and then transmitted via radio waves to the display unit, which immediately displays the load applied to the sensor of which it is linked. The display unit is compatible with all of the LLX 2 model sensors, irrespective of their capacity.

Technical Specifications

  • Precision: 0.2 % (ISO 376 . 21 °C)
  • Coefficient safety: minimum 4
  • Power supply: 3 x 1.5 V "AA" batteries.
  • Removable Display
  • 1 x LI ONE battery (delivered with charger)
  • The standard version of the equipment comes with batteries and power pack in a carrying case for capacities up to 50 t and wood case for 100 t and 250 t.
  • Protection: IP65 (IP67 on request)
  • NEMA 4 (sensor)

Optional Accessories

  • PC connection Kit
  • Connecting shackles (See related products)
  • Swivel hooks
  • I.P. 67 Protection