Double safety descent device. Designed and manufactured by industry experts Tractel and delivered to you with a Best Price Guarantee by Lifting Equipment Store.

- Operates with diameter 9 to 12 mm braided rope.
- Fitted with a panic or emergency cut-out device system.
- Weight : 385 g.


The TRACTEL double safety descender device has a hin- ged mechanism. It enables upwards and downwards move- ments on a 9~12 mm halyard. This descender device is equip- ped with an anti-panic safety mechanism (i.e. if the operator tus will stop).

The double safety descender device is made of light alumi- nium alloy. It is equipped with two friction pulleys and a des- cending control handle. Its hinged flange, equipped with a safety blocking release lever, enables the positioning of the cord without disconnecting the descender device from the harness.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions: 250x50
Body and pulleys in light aluminium alloy Strength: 15 kN.