The mechanism has been made easier to use & The Blocfor™ 5 ESD retractable fall arrester is equipped with an energy dissipater mounted at the end of the webbing. The dissipater ensures user impact in the event of a fall of less than 600 daN even when the webbing is fully unwound. The Extremity System Dissipator (ESD) reduces the dynamic load impacted on the user’s body in the event of a fall. It protects the webbing from the risk of cuts which could occur due to the sharp edges sometimes present on terrace roofs.

With its impressive reel capacity of 5 metres of webbing, this fall arrester is more lightweight, more compact and most importantly safer than the other fall arresters currently available on the market. For this reason, it is highly recommended by Lifting Equipment Store.


The main advantages in using the BlocforTM 5 ESD retractable fall arrester are as follows:


- It's easy to grasp and handle when moving and installing.


The characteristics of the BlocforTM 5 ESD retractable fall arresters are as follows:

- Plastic casing made of polyamide / ABS blend, anti-UV, highly resistant to shocks and ageing.

- A locking mechanism equipped with a single pawl - this eliminates the risk of interference of pawls with respect to each other and reduces the pawl engage time in the toothed wheel of the brake.

- A pawl and a toothed brake wheel made of aluminium bronze which prevents the risk of a sparks when arresting a fall.

- A mechanism which requires no special tools for inspection of the safety components.

- Compact size.

- Optimised ergonomics for easy grasping and handling.

- An anchor point designed to receive large diameter connectors.

- A webbing end equipped with Tractel‘s ESD system