The Blocfor 2W has been designed to replace a conventional Lanyard. This version is supplied with an M51 Hook to enable securing to scaffolding. Because the Blocfor 2W has a spring return mechanism there is no slack lanyard to tangle or catch. This also means that it will arrest a fall more quickly than a fixed Lanyard thus reducing the chance of serious injury.

The Blocfor unit includes a Shock Absorbing Element to slow any fall and avoid serious injuries. It can be used to replace a conventional Shock Absorbing Lanyard.

The Blocfor comes with an M47 connection fixed to the top and either an M10 or an M51 Connection on the bottom. 

  • M10 18mm Opening Two Tone Steel Manual Screw Lock Karabiner
  • M47 20mm Opening Snap Hook
  • M51 60mm Opening Aluminium Double Trigger Auto Scaffold Hook