The Tractel BlocforTM 20 comes with either a Galvanised, Synthetic wire or stainless steel rope and come with an integrated M46 snap hook with a built in fall indicator with a 20mm Opening. 


The Blocfor 20R (EN360) is designed to protect the user in the event of a fall. It is equipped with a rescue device for lifting or lowering (EN 1496 class B, rescue device).

An automatic return fall-arrester equipped with a rescue lifting device.

It is used vertically, secured to a tripod to evacuate, upward or downward, a person who has fallen.

The maximum utilisation load of this device is 100 kg.

The cable moves freely at normal user speed but is continuously subject to a light return force by a spring which actuates a drum on which the lanyard is wound.

In the event of a fall, the user is stopped by the safety catches which engage.

Equipped with a manual winch allowing the rescuer to bring up or lower the user after a fall. This device can be disengaged.

The device is operated by means of a folding crank handle coupled to an automatic brake, by pressing the red locking button, the crank handle is engaged and allows winding or unwinding the cable.

The Blocfor 20 has a capacity for 20 meters of cable