Our Mini Towable Forklift Grit Spreader offers even and effective distribution of rock salt using a regulated system to offer the most economical usage and spread width.

The unit offers a safe and simple method to reduce the risks of injuries, falls and unsafe surfaces for both people and vehicles, offering reassurance for both employers and employees within all areas of the workplace where gritting is required. 


7 Simple steps to get your spreader running: 


1. Positioning

- Align the Forklift truck to allow enough room behind the counterweight to ensure the safe operating and fitting of the spreader.


2. Attachment

- Ball hitch - Align the spreader to the rear of the towing vehicle, lift & pull the handle on the hitch and position over the towbar ball and lower and push handle down to lock. 

- Towing eye - Raise the tow pin in the counterweight of the forklift truck and align the towing eye onto the spreader into the counterweight slot, now drop the tow pin through the towing eye to secure. 


3. Preliminary check 

- Be sure to check that the hopper is in a vertical position you can do this by adjusting the hole position in the diagonal adjustable arm (this step ensures the even distribution and spreading of salt). 


4. Filling

- Using DRY WHITE SALT fill the spreader to your desired level (Please be sure to use dry white salt only!). 


5. Final positioning

- Ensure that the flow restriction slide arm is positioned to suit the level of salt flow required. 


6. Ready 

- Your spreader is now ready for use. 


7. Closing on completion

- Finally, once spreading is complete close the flow restriction arm. 


6 Key things to check when maintaining your spreader; 

1. Check all weld points on the unit inspecting for any defects or wear/salt corrosion. 

2. All components are in working order and there are no damages to mechanisms or fixings. 

3. Ensure all locks and latches are in functioning order and there are no obvious signs of loosening or opportunity of failure. 

4. Be sure to check pivoting points on your unit, making sure they have the freedom to move whilst spreading. 

5. The agitator is free of any blockages, must remain clean and have the ability to move freely. 

6. Finally, ensure those big pneumatic tyres and inflated to the correct PSI, this will keep efficiency high and reduce drag. 


Please note: 

This product should be used by the operator for the very purpose it has been designed for, and must not deviate from this. If for any reason you have any doubts please contact a member of our team and we will always be happy to help and advise however we can. 

*Suitable for use with dry rock salt only! Any other form of salt is likely to cause blockages and damages to the unit. 




Standard Features:


  • Supplied with both towing eye and ball hitch 
  • Red painted finish 
  • The mounted agitator fitted in the base of the hopper to minimise blockages
  • Dry white rock salt only
  • includes salt mesh cover as standard 

Optional Extras:

  • Galvanised hopper grid

3 x Free bags of rock salt with every spreader

Delivery 2-3 days from order acknowledgement