The Tiger Adaptable TCB14 chain block is constructed of a rugged steel lightweight body enabling great portability in any application. The Tiger chain block is aimed at the offshore rigging industry however it can easily be used in a number of other industries.

The TCB14 features a drop forged adaptor for maximum strength that has been certified 4:1 FOS at all angles. The adaptable chain blocks feature a choice of self-locking safety hooks, clevis shackle, reevable egg (master) link or sling hook fittings. 

Extra protection
The Tiger chain block has a few extra features that some regular chain block's lack:

  • Double cover protection for brake chamber
  • Drop forged and heat treated alloy hooks
  • High-quality alloy calibrated load chain
  • Efficient, high safety reliable twin pawl mechanical brake
  • Guaranteed light load protection
  • Heat treated alloy steel triple spur gears and pinion shaft
  • Operating temperature of -50 C to + 50 C
  • Proof load tested to 1.5 times rated capacity

Manufactured from the highest quality steel's providing a rugged lightweight hoist unit. Tiger proud their hoist on its exceptionally short headroom and ability to be used in applications where ever centimetre of headroom counts. 

The super reliable and ultra efficient twin brake pawl system provide instant protection from any slipping of dropping of the load when the hand chain is released, this also allows for lowering under perfect control for precise operations.

Double Protection- Always.
The hoist's brake chamber is protected against the harshest of environments and foreign objects by the ratchet brake cover and hand chain wheel cover.

Only the highest quality load chains are used to build Tiger chain blocks, a combination of the highest quality alloy, calibrated in grades 80 or 100.
Drop forged and heat treated alloy top hooks and load hooks are used to suspend and lift. Heavy duty latch kits ensure that once the load is secure it cannot slip away by accident, providing maximum load security. Swivel hooks are attached to the yoke using only high-grade fixtures.

Superb Quality
All major components are heat treated to ensure maximum efficiency, these are precisely machined to ensure long term smooth operation in the toughest of applications. High gear ratio keeps physical efforts to a minimum. Finished in a high-quality powder coating to ensure superb corrosion protection.

The Tiger Chain block can also be directly mounted to a beam trolley to ensure the lowest headroom.

Each unit comes fully certified with a test certificate or an EC Declaration of Conformity stating compliance with the essential health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

** All prices are including adaptors
  • Overload protection available
  • Drop forged adaptor for maximum strength certified 4:1 FOS at all angles
  • For lifting at angles (cross-hauling/fleeting/drifting)
  • Self-locking (safety) hook, clevis shackle, reevable egg (master) link or sling hook fitting available