TAWI’s Mobile Electric Lifters are quickly becoming known as ‘The Next Generation of Ergonomic Lifting Solutions,’ popularised by their lightweight, robust build, and versatile nature – leading to increased efficiency and safety amongst users.


Boasting an excellent 100kg maximum safe lifting capacity, TAWI have designed this lifting trolley to be easy to manoeuvre, making it almost effortless to transport your required goods, safely, around your workshop/warehouse.


Goods can be picked up from both vertical and horizontal positions, as well as rotated, transported, turned, and released with very minimal user effort – reducing risk of injury, whilst significantly improving efficiency and increasing productivity.


Featuring TAWI’s QuickLoad function, users have the ability to program this lifter to stop at exactly the right level, making stacking goods on shelves or mounting reels on a machine axis easier than ever before.


The flexible leg design allows users to adjust the width of the trolley, so it can be driven directly into pallets, reaching as far as necessary.


Available in 2 heights (1990mm and 2540mm), as well as both standard and stainless steel variations, this version has been specifically designed for the effortless handling of rolls of varying sizes. What was conventionally a difficult task is no more!


The EasySqueeze Toll enables the ergonomic handling of heavy and ungainly rolls, allowing users to lift and rotate rolls to place them in the position required. Available in both fixed arm and swivelling arm options with either electrical or manual EasyTurn (select from dropdown menu), adjustment is simple, pull out the holding pin, readjust the roller position, reinsert pins, and you’re away (check out the video on the tab above to see really how easy it is)


Designed with a reliable braking system (a central brake with directional lock) and fixed front wheels, the PRO100ESE features TAWI’s innovative SafeDrive; a safety mechanism that ensures that if a tool hits an object during the lowering phase, the unit will automatically halt to a stop! There is also a circuit board for speed control and overload protection fitted as standard.


The user-friendly control panel (detachable hand control) features an emergency stop button, integrated operation controls for tooling, service indicator, and battery status. In terms of power, the PRO100ESE runs off 2 rechargeable 12V 7Ah batteries, that can undertake 100 times 1 meter lifts at 100kg before requiring a recharge.


IP24 rated, this version has two steady lifting speeds (fast/slow) of 0.1m/s & 0.05m/s


*Stainless steel version is equipped with a white FDA Approved cover, ideal for food manufacturing and pharmaceutical environments.

  • Lifting Capacity: 100kg
  • Turn Angle: +/- 90°
  • Lifting Speed (fast/slow): 0.1m/s  /  0.05m/s
  • Turn Speed: 3 rpm
  • Lifts Per Charge: 100kg x 1m x 100 times
  • Fixed front wheels
  • Brake System: Central brake with directional lock
  • Battery: 2 x 12V 7Ah
  • Grip stroke: 300mm
  • IP24 rated
  • Incorporated overload protection