Designed to provide a cost-effective and ergonomic handling solution in confined areas, where lifting loads from boxes, books, crates, or basically any repetitive light lifts are a problem, this lightweight trolley from TAWI is the answer to your issues.


Manufactured and designed with the same high-quality components as other TAWI trolleys, simply with less customisation options, this lightweight, ergonomic version boasts an impressive goods weighing capacity of up to 60kg – it’s a small investment with a whole lot of value.


Intended to perform those mundane repetitive lifting tasks, alongside occasional relatively heavy lifts, it features a built-in platform, that’s robust and durable, which is operated by a simple push of a button. Lifting at an impressive max speed of 125mm/s, all you need to do is elevate the platform to your desired height, and slide on the load from the shelf – this significantly reduces operator effort and lowers risks of back injury.


If you’re in need of something to operate in narrow spaces, no need to panic, the lightweight lifting trolley is the best option on the market for moving goods in small tight spaces. Built to a slender, compact profile, this easy to drive trolley is fitted with robust swivelling wheels – with a rear braking system – that smoothly manoeuvres around corners, while the ergonomic nature of the handles ensures a good working position for the user. And at only 35kg, minimal effort is required to operate.


When stowing away, this lightweight lifting trolley takes up minimal space, but don’t get confused by its small stature, we guarantee none of the renowned TAWI quality standards have been sacrificed.

  • Safe Working Load: 60kg
  • Lifting speeds up to 125mm/s
  • Compact, ergonomic profile
  • Features built-in robust platform
  • Ergonomic handles for good working position
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to drive
  • Battery: 2 x 12V 7Ah
  • Lifts Per Charge: 60kg x 1m x 100 times
  • Single braked rear wheels
  • Swivelling wheels
  • IP24 rated