The Straightpoint S Beam Load Cell comes in capacities ranging from 100kg up to 5000kg. The S beam range of tension/compression load cells is suitable for smaller silo, vessel and tank weighing applications or for building into OEM projects, such as testing machines etc.


The S beam load cell comes hardwired as standard and is supplied with a 10-meter long cable, The S Beam Load Cell can be connected to the straightpoint accessories such as the Handheld Plus.


The S beam can be used in both compression or tension and has a threaded hole at each end making it a very flexible solution. Fixing options available including threaded bar, rod end bearings and eye bolts. 

  • Fully sealed up to IP67
  • High accuracy
  • High endurance
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Compact design for use in a tight environment
  • In both tension and compression
  • Single point construction
Model Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) Saftey Factor Operating Temperture Protection A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm)
SB500K 500 0.9 5:1 -30˚C Up to 80˚C IP67 70 90 19 19 M12x1.75 32
SB1T 1000 0.9 5:1 -30˚C Up to 80˚C IP67 70 90 19 19 M16x2 32
SB2T 2000 0.9 5:1 -30˚C Up to 80˚C IP67 70 90 19 19 M16x2 32
SB5T 5000 1.9 5:1 -30˚C Up to 80˚C IP67 100 120 26 26 M24x2 45