The latest evolution in Straightpoint’s line tensiometer arsenal, CableSafe is compatible with a variety of rope and electrical cable diameters ranging from 4-30mm. When used in the field, users can monitor tension with high levels of accuracy, ensuring that rope and cables do not become overstretched, resulting in breakages.


CableSafe can also be integrated effortlessly with a capstan winch to unwind your electrical cable from its spool, ensuring that it is only ever being pulled at a suitable and safe tension level, helping to maintain transmission capability, whilst preventing fire hazards and reducing replacement.


What distinguishes this new and innovative variation from its predecessors is its lightweight design allowing for fuss-free transportation. In addition, it offers up to 500 hours of battery lift, reassuring you that you won’t run of life at the wrong time.


High level ingress protection (IP67 and REMA6) allows operation in a variety of weather conditions and dusty work environments, making it an invaluable tool for your kit.


When used in conjunction with a cable/rope pulling device, users can now remotely monitor the tension on the line via a Bluetooth smart device, which can be located up to 100m (328ft) from your job, ensuring true safety.

  • Compatible with rope diameters from 4-30mm
  • Rapid measurement up to 600m per minute
  • Runs off 4 x AA standard alkaline batteries
  • Five wheel design for improved accuracy
  • IP67 ingress protection
  • NEMA6 protection against dust and rain
  • 2 year warranty
  • F.E.A. validated design
Part Number Cablesafe Cablesafe-WD
Capacity  10te 10te
22,000lb 22,000lb
Resolution  0.01te 0.01te
20lb 20lb
Synthetic rope/electrical cable Ø mm  4-19mm 9.5-30mm
5/32" - 3/4" 3/8"- 1-3/16"
Weight  4.5kg 8kg
10lbs 17.6lbs
Battery Type Wireless version 4x AA alkaline batteries
Battery Life 500hrs 500hrs
Operating Temp  -10 to +50 °C
14 to 122 °F
Accuracy 2% F.S.
Range  Bluetooth 100m  Bluetooth 100m 
Bluetooth 328ft  Bluetooth 328ft 
Protection IP67
Max Speed  600m per minute 600m per minute
1968ft per minute 1968ft per minute
Dimension A  422mm 422mm
16.62" 16.62"
Dimension B  328mm 328mm
12.9" 12.9"
Dimension C  152mm 152mm
5.98" 5.98"
Dimension D  36mm 50.5mm
1.4" 2"